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Gym Secrets Clothing

‘It’s all in the Clothing’




When you hear ‘Gym’ ‘Fitness’ ‘Health’ what do you think about?

Gym Secrets thinks you can do it! You can make it your ‘habit’ your ‘motivator’ your ‘commitment’. Why? Because you have thought about it once, maybe even done it a few times, but with Gym Secrets Clothing you can do it over & over again!

Our clothing has been designed to encourage, motivate & get each and every female moving their body! It maybe a short walk, a light weighted sesh or maybe even a high intensity workout. Whatever it is, our Gym Secrets Clothing has been built to allow each & every person who wears it to feel comfortable, proud & capable to face that gym class, do that high intensity work or even go for that walk/run. ‘It’s all in the Clothing ‘ came from Sara’s eye & belief in what should be your main focus when working out! Rather than the people who may or may not be staring at you, whilst you get hot & sweaty!

YOU got this girl!


Gym Secrets

Gym Secrets is an Active Wear Brand designed by Sara. Her eye for design came before her need & passion to move her body. Over years, Sara has accomplished many aspects of life but not yet achieved her long term goal; to have her very own Clothing Brand Label. Mid 2017 Sara released her first Gym Wear Collection Line.

Gym Secrets is a brand that likes to stand out from the others! 'It's all in the Clothing' When worn it should make you feel comfortable, capable & supported, whilst allowing you to feel able to strive in whatever workout you choose/desire. Our focus on detail allows Gym Secrets to stand out from the others, have you seen our 'Love' High Waisted Tights Range? 



I just tried on my new mid waisted tights &they are PERFECT!They fit like a glove! Love the fabric! And the mesh pockets/cut outs are the BEST!


I had to pre-order the High Waisted all Black Tights, I can not wait until they arrive! 

sarah moffatt

I can eat healthy but I just crave chocolate so BAD, so the Choc Coconut Protein Mousse is the best alternative, it's healthy & delicious

bethany haran

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