Why Gym Secrets Clothing?

The Active Wear market is extremely saturated! Gym Secrets Clothing have decided to focus on women who not only enjoy being physically active, but also have a young family. It is recommended that we participate in 30-60 minutes of  moderate-to vigorous activity for 5 days of the week to increase muscle & bone strength whilst limiting co-morbidities in children/adolescents/adults. By being able to prevent cardiovascular disease/obesity/type 2 diabetes in the above, we increase ones ability to maintain a healthy relationship with themselves and/or food. We here at Gym Secrets aim to motivate/encourage you to love the body your in whilst achieving the best version of yourself in all areas of mindfulness/focus/clarity.

Plus, what motivates you more than new active wear? 


So thankful to have found Gym Secrets Clothing- so in love with the matching sets! They are beautiful & feel so nice


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Baby Berry Collective- FEATURED ARTICLE

We’re officially in Spring and it’s time to get moving again! We have found the BEST girls activewear in town AND they even have matching women’s activewear too!

None of that cheap rubbishy stuff that falls apart, ends up going see-through and doesn’t stay up like it’s meant to. No ma’am! We’re talking about excellent quality here my friends.

Gym Secrets Clothing is where it’s at. They’re an athletic clothing brand in Melbourne, Australia....... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Relax & Unwind- BLOG POST

I have always dreamed to have my own Clothing Label, I guess I never really knew what kind of clothing I wanted to specialise in. I have always enjoyed designing. In High School I did Textiles & Design for my HSC (I’m from NSW) & I really loved it! When I finished High School I moved to Wagga Wagga and completed my Bachelor’s in Nursing. Becoming a Nurse has always been the career path I wanted to take, as I enjoy learning about our body and how it functions. Being able to help others is what motivates me!.....CLICK HERE TO READ MORE