3 tips on what to-do tonight to make tomorrow your best

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Morning routines rock, we all know it and don’t get me wrong I love mine however, what I have discovered in my own busy mumpreneurial life is that our best mornings start the night before. Here are 3 tips on what to-do tonight to make tomorrow your best and a little more smoother.


3 tips on what to-do tonight to make tomorrow your best and a little more smoother.

TIP One - Do not leave your kitchen in a mess!

I know, I sound like your mum, because who really enjoys washing up dishes after a looong day? *sigh* However girlfriend as of today… that person will be you! 

Having a clean kitchen, with no dishes in the sink, your kettle filled for your morning coffee #coffeeislife, kitchen bench whipped down and dinner table cleared ready for breakfast, will.change.your.life. 

You might be thinking I’m exaggerating, however when you start your day with a clean tidy organised space your mind is set up for success from the get-go. Set up to step into the most productive, calmest version of you.

TIP Two - Create a rock solid hydration routine 

You know how passionate I am about taking care of your kidneys, your skin & overall health. If you have no idea what kidney’s have to do with drinking water, checkout my previous blog - The best way to beat the winter blues during COVID 2.0

Fill up a drink bottle, put it in the fridge ON THE TOP SHELF, why? The top shelf is the first place you look. You want your water bottle to be the first thing you see of a morning as a friendly reminder, well after the milk for your coffee of course. 


TIP Three - Activate the screen time app on your phone

Final tip, but just as important.

Set up your screen time app on your phone (a handy already built-in function on your phone). I have my “down time” set to kick in at 10pm, and to re-open all my apps again at 6am. Very handy, especially in this age where phones are almost an extension of our arms.

You can most definitely keep the important apps like messages and phone calls open but make it a thing to shut off your social media apps- yess that includes Instagram & Facebook Messenger.

By using this life hack you will

  •  potentially get to bed earlier.
  • Prevent you from diving into comparing yourself to others just before you head off into dreamland (the place where you manifest and create your best day ahead).

Remember you don’t need to judge yourself based on other people's highlight reel. Comparing yourself right now, is not going to help your mental or emotional health, better yet, unfollow those accounts. You are better than that!

  • Do something for you just before bed. Read a book, do a meditation, recite an affirmation, get your activewear out for the next morning. Whatever it is, go to bed feeling great about yourself & I guarantee you, you will wake up in the morning a more positive, happy version of yourself.

So, that’s it girls. It’s a short and sweet Blog this week. 

It took me a few weeks to incorporate all the above in one night time routine, but over time it just became something I did before bed without even thinking about it. 

Baby steps add up, even if you incorporate only one, or two of my top 3 tips you are on track to make tomorrow your best. 

I would love to hear how your morning has improved, let me know over on our Instagram


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6th November 2020


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