And just like that

activewear And just like that channelling all my focus checklist challenge daughter goes to daycare educate and empower mums fiercely confident fiercely confident together get me motivated hustling strong as a mum March is almost over mum of 2 my family my little man turns 2 pandemic as a nurse pandemic as a registered nurse returning back to work small business perspective you had two kids during Covid you were looking after your babies your lucky you missed it

And just like that….

Hey GS Community, Sara here 😊

WOW! How is it March already?

March my little man turns 2

My little girl goes to daycare

& I return to my Nursing Job in an Education Role

March always seems to be a huge month for many people. May that be because everyone you know is celebrating a Birthday in March, I can honestly think of 8 people! March is also not January or February, I mean January is always a ride off, & February … well February only has 28 days, so that month is over before you even know it.

March is the MONTH

It’s the month where Gym Secrets challenges you to become the best, most organized and active version of yourself, whilst wearing our activewear *wink wink*. Yes, we are mid-March, but like I explained above- March is the MONTH. If you’re finding it difficult, or you don’t know where to start, I challenge you to start with one of our checklists challenges, it’s the most rewarding place to start.

This month I wanted to jump on and explain how I am feeling with returning to work as a mum of 2. If you’re a mum, and you’re reading this, you know returning to work after maternity leave comes with a handful of emotions- good, bad & everything in between.

As a Registered Nurse, who has worked 4months in the last 2 years, yep! Completely missed the peaks, low peaks, high peaks, & the peaks again of Covid here in Melbourne. I have the most utter respect for my colleagues who did the most amazing job during this difficult time. But for me, some will say ‘your lucky you missed it’ ‘you were looking after your babies’ ‘you had two kids during Covid’ even though this is all true and it was challenging at times (no family around, no visitors & the 5km radius), I still feel like I missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a pandemic as a Registered Nurse.

Helping people is my passion, it’s my desire and my goal in life- & I couldn’t do that during the pandemic as a Registered Nurse. So, I channelled all my focus on what I could do, what I could do for myself, my family and most of all my beautiful community- YOU!

Throughout the last two years from a business perspective, I have continued to fight for my dream. Covid has affected all small businesses in many ways, and let me tell you, I was affected- but I kept hustling, I kept focusing on my mission, my why & to be honest, it was my ‘baby’ away from my beautiful babies.

I have fine-tuned my small business; we purely focus on matching sets for both women and girls. I have developed tools that will not only educate and empower mums but will relieve some of the mental load and clear some headspace.

I have been there, these are my tools, tested & tested again by myself.

Finally, I am so excited to announce that Gym Secrets is now taking bookings for Activewear Parties. Yayyyy! Finally, this has been a goal of mine pre- pandemic. So, if you love our activewear, but want to touch, feel and try-on our clothing, you now can. Every party will include a hands-on 30minute session surrounding our 7 tools & how I guarantee they will assist you with moving your body.

Let’s do this Melbourne. Fiercely Confident Together

If you are not from Melbourne but would love to host an Activewear Party, we do also offer Zoom Parties, feel free to reply to this email for more information.

And if you would like to shop our activewear in person, feel free to checkout our suppliers list HERE


Until then, you got this mama!

Much Love



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