World Mental Health Day- Tick-Sheet Challenge

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Hey GS Girls, Sara here :)

This months blog is going to be a little different. I want you to think interactive, and goal setting.. Sounds interesting? Keep reading; I promise you will be able to take something from this months blog. 

As you all know, October the 10th was World Mental Health Day. And here at Gym Secrets Clothing, it was our last day of our Tick-Sheet Challenge. 


      Mental Health Month

This year for World Mental Health Day, I personally designed three Tick-Sheet's that I believed would be beneficial to the majority of our audience. These 'tasks' were based on polls through my Instagram Stories- seriously, how fun are polls?!

The three Tick-Sheets consisted of 3-5 daily, bi-weekly or weekly tasks that needed to be completed within that week. Once the 'task' were completed, a tick was placed into the box. And a happy dance followed, no but seriously, how rewarding is it ticking things off.


     physical tick sheet

The Tick-Sheet Challenge was loved by many, as I witnessed many IG tags throughout the whole week. I happily re-shared each Tick-Sheet Challenge as I believed this encouraged motivation to others from a positive level. I too, participated in the Tick-Sheet Challenge. One in, all in!

The feedback I received post the challenge was absolutely amazing, and I couldn't be happier with each individuals personal achievements! So proud

Here are a few testimonials:

* I just want to thank Gym Secrets for the Tick-Sheet Challenge as it motivated me to do the simple tasks I have been having issues with. Finding motivation to do exercise 4 times a week at first was challenging, but I felt so proud of myself once I had completed it. I have been continuing to use the Tick-Sheets to help me keep on top of my uni and work life, as balance is the key- NV

* I really enjoyed this weeks Tick-Sheet Challenge. It felt amazing to actually 'schedule' in some me time. I also really enjoyed the desire to get those ticks, it made feel like I had accomplished the day, especially during those busy work days when you feel like you haven't achieved anything BUT in reality you actually have- TG

*I completed all 3 Tick-Sheets and shared them to my social media at the end of each day. I really enjoyed being able to share my 'successful' day with everyone, as it really kept me accountable to complete the tasks. I felt like each day I was in competition with myself to get all boxes ticked. Most definitely will recommend to my friends, and I will keep these screenshots for next time i'm lacking motivation. Thanks Gym Secrets!- SC


      Organisational Tick Sheet

So, if you feel like your lacking motivation, feel un-organised or you never get to have any 'me-time' feel free to give our Tick-Sheet Challenge a go. And if you do, please tag us, I would personally love to see you kicking these goals!


Until next month ladies; stay safe, happy and make the most of our Tick-Sheet Challenge, as we still have a week in October left. Otherwise, these beauties will be here for whenever you are ready.

Much Love, Sara

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21st October 2021



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