New Year, Same YOU!

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New year, same YOU. Firstly, Welcome back lovely.

New Year, Same You

When you first read the title you probably thought, am I reading that right? Yeh, you are. As you know, we like to keep our blogs real, relatable & the year 2021 is not going to be any different. Love ya girl!

As we’ve come into the new year you may have set yourself some new goals? And let’s face it, do they always stick? Whether it’s going to the gym certain days/times, or learning a new hobby, we all have a new goal or a few, that we want to work towards; especially at the start of a new year!

I’m sure you all feel the same way when I say, '2020 was a tough one'.

I am here to tell you, to start small! Just because it is a new year, does not mean you need a new version of yourself. There was nothing wrong with the previous version of you, okay, maybe you could tweak a thing or two. But like I said, start small- New year, same YOU slightly more organised or motivated- you get what I'm saying.....

Okay girl, I want you to think about your 'unhealthier' habits, or something you want to alter for the year 2021. On the same piece of paper, write down how making positive changes to these habits make you feel. List these changes, & answer the following- Do they make you feel accomplished? Do you feel motivated? Do you feel healthier/toned/happier? Positive vibes are powerful.

For example; I miss breakfast every morning, positive change I prep over night oats, the night before OR I pack fruit/yoghurt/mixed nuts in a lunch box, placed in the fridge ready to grab each night before bed, how does that make you feel I feel, less hungry throughout the day, happier because I'm full, I feel accomplished because I have energy.

Once you have completed your lists, decorate it, make it look fun, inviting, something you want to see everyday- girl pin it to your wall, put it on your bedroom mirror or on the back of the toilet door, just put it somewhere where you will see it everyday.

Being able to see your goals daily, will motivate you to follow that passion , that dream, girls manifestation is a true thing!

Once you have achieved that goal or imbedded something 'new' into your 'normal lifestyle',  like doing meal prep every Sunday, or writing your gratitudes every morning, or finding a fun workout schedule that works for your week, tick it off – we all love that feeling!! You need to really really want it! & seeing these achievements happen, are so motivating. Girl you got this! I'm excited for you

Start small, be confident, you know what you want for the year 2021 & it's not too late to get started.

New year, same YOU 

If this blog really resonated with you, let us know, tag us & share this blog with your girlfriend, cousin, mum, sister. This really helps support us.

We also want to hear back from you in 2-3 months, and hear your achievements so far - girl, we are accountability partners, YOU got this!!


Love always, Sara
Designer & Owner of Gym Secrets Clothing
Activewear for Women & Kids (Girls)
22nd January 2021    

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