Our biggest achievements for 2021

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Hey GS Girls!

Welcome to the December's blog, coming at you a few days before Christmas,
and seriously what a crazy but super fast year it has been! 

This year we all experienced quite a lot of up’s and down’s, dealing with Covid and going into lockdown and then easing back into 'reality/'some what normal life again' after many months stuck at home! Melbourne girls especially WOW.

At the start of this year, Sara asked me to be the Content Creator for both Gym Secrets Clothing's Blogs & Emails- yes that's me checking into your emails regularly.

I personally would like to say thank-you so much Sara for having me, and allowing me to be apart of the GS journey. I love how much fun it’s been this year getting involved with helping the brand grow. I believe in working for a brand that your passionate about as the achievements feel so empowering and personal. I would also love to thank Sara for being the best person to work with, she’s so passionate and motivates me every day to do better for myself. I appreciate her SO much. So here’s to a great 1st year, Gym Secrets, and hopefully many more years together.

A MASSIVE congratulations to Sara who is now a mother of two under 16months old. The beautiful Avarlia was born in July this year.

Family Christmas Time

Gym Secrets achievements for 2021 

It has definitely been a roller coaster ride, but a fun and rewarding one!

Let’s recap on some of the exciting things that have happened at Gym Secrets Clothing this year!

The Global Business Mothers Awards. Sara and Gym Secrets Clothing were nominated (by you amazing people) to take part in the Global Business Mother Awards in August this year. This is where Sara was recognised as a finalist in two categories the Rising Star Award and the Women Will Change Award. The business later took home a Honourable Mention in the Rising Star Award.

Global business mothers awards

Sara and I would like to thank those of you who have recognised all her hard work this year, whilst being a super mum and always putting 100% in everything she does! Without you all, we will not be where we are today.

2021 saw us enter the world of TikTok. Both of us have had quite a lot of fun creating TikTok videos for you girls, and sharing our products on a new social media platform. If your not following our TikTok account, I have attached the link here @gymsecretsclothing

TikTok mum’s in business

Have you watched our IG Live's? Sara has been doing monthly Instagram Live's to keep you all updated on what’s happening at Gym Secrets. Join us on the 23rd of each month over on our Instagram account @gym_secretsclothing. All lives are being saved to our Grid.

Our first ever Maternity Sports Bra dropped this year in May. Covid was not going to slow us down! Our Pistachio and Dolcetto Sports Bra's have been popular amongst our GSC community of Mum's. Massive thankyou to you all for your support during our release. 

Nursing sports bra

And in some final, yet exciting news for this month. Gym Secrets Clothing are now taking on new Ambassadors for 2022. 

What's in it for you:
Ambassador Program

So, if you’re interested in joining our 2022 Ambassador program, please respond to this email (gymsecrets@hotmail.com) and let us know. Application close on the 31st of December and our newest ambassadors will be chosen on the 3rd January

And just like that 2021 is over. Thank you for taking the time in reading our last blog for 2021, and keeping up to date with our blogs monthly. I hope you girls have enjoyed reading them as much as I have loved writing them for you

If you haven't read our blogs during the year, feel free to check them all out. 

A list of our 2021 Blogs can be found here  

Thank you again girls.

Sara and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay safe, and lots of love 💖

Kayla x

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