Postal Natal Movement & Nutrition

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Enjoy this month’s blog GF; Post Natal Movement & Nutrition

Hey GS Girls,
Kayla & Sara here 

Post Natal Movement & Nutrition. You have this new bub, or perhaps two or three or maybe four. And I completely understand finding time during your day can be pretty full on, when you have another little human you need to take care of, but finding a little time in your day to look after YOU are just as important too!

Post Natal Movement and Nutrition

Firstly, let’s talk about nutrition. Keep the meal ideas simple, pre-cut your veggies - put them in a glass containers, so that you have them in the fridge ready to go into a salad or onto a plate with your protein. Boil 5-6 eggs and leave them in the fridge, this option is THE BEST for either a snack or a source of protein, good cholesterol & omega 3 that you can add to pretty much anything. I also love having a variety of fruits and nuts in the house to snack on. Needing to be organised ramps up 5 billion levels when you have a new bub!

Did someone say snacks?

I am a sucker for snacks as you already know! Head on over to our Instagram page @gym_secretsclothing for an easy protein ball recipe, there is a banana bread one there too, which I just add to a bowl of yoghurt with fruit and some sugar free maple syrup – breastfeeding friendly too!


Post Natal Movement and Nutrition

Also, don’t underestimate how great a Protein Smoothie can be, seriously girl you can add everything & I mean everything to this snack. I do recommend you find yourself a breastfeeding friendly protein powder though.

Now movement. We suggest to slowly ease into exercise, don’t go right back into the gym with heavy lifting and long workouts. You want to start building up your strength again, don’t forget- you just had a baby GF!

Start off with a short walk, a swim, pre natal yoga or pilates. Something you will enjoy, so that you can get your energy level up, regain strength to your bones and muscles, and get your heart pumping the blood around your body. Keep it simple mumma- yes, which means short.

Post Natal Movement and Nutrition

Always speak with your doctor to get clearance, and to make sure it’s safe of course! As your body starts to get used to being active you can gradually do more and more each time. 

And lastly, stay motivated and positive girl! We know some days can be harder than others, but staying motivated is really what’s important. Stay active, try keep up with your healthy diet and slowly ease back into exercise. Try keep your energy levels high and have a positive mindset.
You can do this!

And I know our new range will help motivate you! Are you excited as I am?!


Post Natal Movement and Nutrition
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Post Natal Movement & Nutrition

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