Eliminating clogged pores after the gym

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Eliminating clogged pores after the gym

Since February 2021, we have had the beautiful Kayla construct our blogs. She has done an amazing job! 

This blog is a FRESH change, & I know you all will love it, better yet, be able to relate too & utilise these amazing tips.

So here we are, introducing Kayla & her talented work....

I was super excited to write this one, anyone who knows me, knows how passionate and obsessed I am with skincare!

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some skincare tips that you can start doing today, or better yet, post your sweaty gym sesh.

I’m going to start off with saying that it is super important to start your workout session with a clean face (yes that means no makeup, sorry girls). Our pores tend to open up when we’re sweating. The sweat is then able to clog the pores on our face. Who wants a build up of sweat on their face anyway? Not me! 

When reading the below 6 simple steps, please keep in mind that everyone's skins needs are different. And that the information below may or may not relate to your particular skin type:

  1. Cleanse - Always the first step, cleanse twice a day to clean your pores, take your time doing this, and give your skin a good clean. ALWAYS remember we want to use our fingers rolling upwards not downwards! 
  2. Tone - Now toning is an optional step, remember everyone has a different skin type. But if you got a toner, then great! Get that product on a makeup pad and spread evenly over the face! Ahh so satisfyingggg!
  3. Serum - You can purchase serums that contains ingredients like Vitiman C and Vitiman E. Serums are really good for preventing ageing skin and wrinkles.
  4. Moisturiser - Another everyday/night basic. Moisturise, moisturise. This is a very important step as we want our skin to keep hydrated and fresh. We want to eliminate drying out our skin as much as possible- especially post a sweaty session.
  5. Eye Cream - Now this is another optional one. Some people like to put their eye cream on before moisturiser, it’s totally up to you depending on how thick your moisturiser is. But I absolutely love using an eye cream. I think it’s a great option to add to your skincare routine #hydration
  6. Sunscreen - If your finishing your workout in the morning then, yes, definitely put your SPF on girl! Obviously if you’ve done a late night gym workout (like me), you’ve completed your skincare routine, and you're ready to jump into bed, there is no need for sunscreen. As it will build up in your pores whilst you sleep 

Okay ladies that's it. My quick and easy step by step skincare routine that you can now incorporate after your sweaty gym session.

Trust me, looking after your skin is like moving your body- you will never regret it!

As I mentioned above, everyone's skin type is different, and only you know what works best for you! And if you don't, that's okay, there is loads of information available on the internet or if you like, go seek some advice from a skincare specialists.

Lots of Love 

Kayla x 

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