The best way to beat the winter blues during COVID 2.0

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Let’s for a moment talk about winter and the best way to beat the winter blues during COVID 2.0! Winter is that magical time where you get to wear all the comfy layers, drink scrummy hot drinks & most importantly snuggle up on the couch, and watch your favourite Netflix series.

Well, that’s me at the moment because let’s face it, I’m a new mum (have been for 3 months now, & LOVE it) and I also live in Melbourne, which means winter blues and Covid 2.0, wooo *eyeroll*!

Sounds great doesn’t it, the perfect reason to stay home and enjoy those precious newborn moments. YES, 110000% true BUT, it also means I need to focus more on my emotional and mental health to beat those winter blues and keeping track of my general health.

I thought today instead of talking about your fitness during your lockdown which FYI I am all about, I even designed and created an activewear line that loves your body called Gym Secrets Clothing. I thought we would have a chat about your health.


Your health is really important and can be defined by many different things, so today let’s keep it simple!

Let’s chat about your water intake, get clear on how much water you do need to be ‘healthy’, discuss the benefits drinking more water has on improving your skin and how else does water impacts your body.

Many of you may not know, I am also a Registered Nurse, currently on Maternity Leave. I work on the Urology, Colorectal Surgical ward, so I guess you can say, I know a thing or two about pee & poo! It’s kind of my thing.

Let’s talk about Urine (your pee) first. Okay, so you may have heard of kidney stones or renal calculi if you haven’t let’s get you caught up and in the know.

Renal Calculi are formed in the kidney’s as a result of the build of salts, minerals and toxins that are unable to be flushed out by the kidneys. How you flush those nasties out is with water. Sounds simple? That’s because it truly is that easy.

I always encourage my patients to drink 1.5-2L of water a day to prevent renal calculi from forming. Yes, diet also impacts the formation of renal calculi but let's just focus on one change at a time.

Making sure I drink enough water is something that I make sure I do, as is checking the colour of my pee (urine) at the end of the day, sounds gross I know, but keep reading.

One of the best ways of figuring out if you’re getting enough water is to check the colour of your urine over the day. You should see the colour of your urine becoming clearer as the day goes on. It will only become clearer if you drink water, hopefully you're catching my drift. One, two or three clear pee’s a day is a good thing, the darker it is, the more concentrated it is.

If you are someone who forgets to drink water during the day, because you're busy doing grown-up things, looking after a newborn or simply because you just forget I have got a great solution for you.

Get yourself an awesome drink bottle! One of my fav drink bottles at the moment has been created by the awesome chick Carlie at Real Active Movement. They have 1.4L & 2.2L bottles available in colours that will suit any style or mood. They are cool, classy and stylish, plus as a bonus, if you use the code GYMSECRETS10 you will save 10%!

The best way to beat the winter blues during COVID 2.0

How does this have anything to do with winter you may be wondering. Well, I guess it all simply goes hand in hand. A bit like how our bodies work, if you are lacking satisfaction in your emotional health, we then think negatively and that’s when those winter blues kick in.

If you don’t drink enough water during the cooler months of winter, you develop renal calculi, you also get dry/tight skin, not to mention feel tired and lethargic because your body is finding it hard to excrete toxins and flush out the nasties that build up causing havoc.

So my message to you is, yes it’s winter, stay at home, snuggle up & watch Netflix, BUT just remember our bodies still need us to take care of them, & something as simple as drinking more water can help do that.

So go grab yourself a glass of water (or a Real Active drink bottle *wink*) and start smashing that H20, your whole body will thank you for it! Even those kidneys! Much Love - Sara

Want to know other ways to keep hydrated during the cooler season?

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