The inside scoop; How Gym Secrets Clothing began.

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Heyyyy GF's it's been a hot minute since I have written a blog for you all. 

Firstly, I hope you all love our website re-vamp- thank you Kayla! It's so pretty & follows our Gym Secrets Clothing theme well.

Today's blog is raw.

I will be sharing with you all some images and some stories from my childhood. Please be respectful as I am showing my most vulnerable side. Something I have been afraid to do in the past, BUT it is the reason why Gym Secrets Clothing began, so needs to be heard.  

Okay, so here goes..... 

I never knew what kind of clothing label I wanted, but I knew I wanted to design, create and empower women in some way. 

My name is Sara. I am a mum of two mini's of my own, both born during a pandemic, thank you Coronavirus! I am also a Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator, Wife, Daughter, Sister and soon to be hopefully starting my second Graduate Certificate. 

Okay, that's a bit about me out of the way, let's now focus on my first ever ‘baby’- Gym Secrets Clothing. 

As you already know I am the sole Owner & Designer of this exclusive active wear label. 

We are located in Melbourne, Australia.  

How Gym Secrets Clothing began 

During my junior years, I lacked self-confidence, self-acceptance & self-motivation as a result of being overweight, teased and constantly judged for not looking the ‘same’ as my peers. My body weight fluctuated anywhere between 75-85kgs by the time I reached University.  

The inside scoop Sara's year 10 photo

Whilst at university studying my Bachelor of Nursing, I found a key element in moving my body, that I had never felt before. I started going to the gym, doing body weighted exercises, occasionally lifting weights and completing cardio- the stair master was my thing!. The feeling I got from this was unbelievable!  

It was then, I guess you could say I figured out what clothing label I wanted to design.

Sounds cliche doesn’t it?  

Probably is, but it’s not an ‘easy’ task owning a business. Everyone can design something, but when you find something that has changed YOU, you really fall in love with the idea of impacting someone else's life in a positive way. And for me that was through, fashion. Practical, affordable, unique and matching fashion.

Okay back to my personal life journey....

Whilst working on 'owning' my own business, life as you know it continued for me.

After university, I moved to Melbourne for my nursing career. Where I worked my way up to an Assistant Nurse Unit Manager (ANUM) in one of Melbourne’s largest Hospital in the West (working full time). I also studied my Immunisation Course, & worked as a Nurse Immuniser on my 'off' days at the hospital. 

In the background, I did what I could to continue working on Gym Secrets Clothing- this is when the passion I had for the label shined the most! 

By the age of 25, I had designed my first collection. I had designed my own pattern pieces, that would be used as the sole pattern for my first collection. After many ‘sample pieces’ produced on a calico fabric, the final design was ready to be manufactured on our Polyester/Spandex blend personalised and imported from Italy.

I really enjoyed the beginning stages, it was exactly what I imagined; stressful, challenging yet rewarding seeing your design become a physical item. 

My first ever exclusive collection was released in 2017- ‘The Love Collection’ which is now almost sold out.
 Love collection
As the activewear market became saturated, I knew that I had to find my niche to be recognised as a relevant business.  

It was in 2019 and newly married, is when I started focusing on designing matching active wear for mums and minis. 
I strongly believe that the lack of self-confidence, self-acceptance & self-motivation as adults, comes from our junior years. Something I have experienced first-hand.  

Gym Secrets Clothing to me, is not just an active wear label.  

It is a brand that is capable of empowering women, and now their children to move their bodies. To feel confident in their own skin! To love what they see in the mirror & better yet, allow exercise to be a normal way of living. Something I never felt comfortable doing.  

Gym Secrets Clothing to me, is forever evolving. 

Just this year I introduced our first ever Maternity Sports Bra. 

I hope you enjoyed the brief inside scoop of Gym Secrets Clothing. Hopefully this blog has explained where my idea to create Gym Secrets Clothing came from, and as a result I motivate you to make some small changes in your life,

Fashion is my passion, but health and fitness is my life goal!

If you are not already, come follow us on IG @gym_secretsclothing & let me know what you thought about this blog.

Stay tuned as months go on, I plan to release a lot more about Gym Secrets Clothing's journey.  

The power activewear has on your routines

Designer & Owner of Gym Secrets Clothing

Activewear for Women & Kids (Girls)

21st August 2021


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