The power activewear has on your routine

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If I was to tell you that putting on activewear is more powerful than you think, would you believe me? The power activewear has on your routine, will blow your mind, prepare yourself.  

It is known that some of us prefer to move our bodies in the morning, whilst the other majority of people prefer the afternoon. We all have different routines

The power activewear has on your routine

More often than not, there are times where both our mental and physical self simply just don’t want to play the game. It’s like we lack all the power to be motivated. 

I believe I have the perfect solution to help with that. More like a powerful trick!

It doesn’t involve magic but harnessing the power activewear has on your routines.

I personally find the morning is the best time of the day for me to move my body, but heck I am not getting up at 4am to do so, that is simply not my vibe.

This new mumma needs her beauty sleep!

But without a doubt the one thing I will do in the morning before making myself a coffee, is to put on my activewear!

Putting on my activewear first thing in the morning, does not mean I need to train then and there. Nor does it mean I will move my body in the morning BUT I damn sure promise you, I will be moving my body at some stage in the day! Why? Because I am already wearing my activewear. 

That is the power that what you are wearing has on your routine.

For those of you who work in the morning, or see yourself as an afternoon trainer,I encourage you to lay your activewear out on your bed before heading to work so that it is the first thing you see when you get home. 

I mean it has to be, because #covid2.0 is here and you can not wear your work clothes any longer then you have too, which is perfect for you, straight into that activewear you go!

While we are on the topic of being active in our activewear, there is another secret (Gym Secrets) I have to share with you today…

Keep it fun girl, keep it interesting. I truly believe you need to mix up your workouts to be able to enjoy them. 

So go for a brisk walk whilst listening to your favourite podcast, do a Beatfreakz workout- girl, these workouts are SO FUN! If you're after some yoga/stretching workouts check out my girl YogaCandi

The power activewear has on your routine

There is honestly so much out there, there is no reason to get bored.

What we wear seriously affects our daily routines. And girl I know you want to embrace those powerful post workout feel good endorphins. 

It's your turn now to step into your power and embrace the secret *wink wink* - the Gym Secrets.

The power activewear has on your routines

Designer & Owner of Gym Secrets Clothing

Activewear for Women & Kids (Girls)

21st August 2020

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