What every new mum in business should know

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WOW, that is me! I was blessed at the end of March this year with the most precious little man ever. Life as a new mum has definitely changed my life and then add growing a business to the mix and you have yourself a very busy, tired mum. Here is what I believe that every new mum in business should know. – the stuff very few new mum in business talk openly about.

What every new mum in business should know

I have had my business since 2017, but let me tell you, having the combination of the two is definitely a new world. It’s not easy! It’s a challenge, it’s life as you never knew it or predicted it! 

Heck, it is amazing, crazy, epic, rewarding and challenging all in one! Is that confusing? 

Girl I know, that is me every day, because each day is so different!

I have been wanting to sit and write this blog, for a week and a half now. Yep, things rarely go to plan when you have a newborn, let alone in business.

So today, I decided to sit outside because it’s finally nice weather here in Melbourne & Covid 2.0 life has me trapped inside. My mini was sleeping when I first sat down to open my laptop, & as I did, he knew it was time to wake up. 

Yep, Like clockwork, he’s a 40 minute man – who needs sleep! – right? Oh, and should I add, he’s currently teething…

Having a mini is a blessing! I am grateful every day! & I truly mean that.

But, when you look on Instagram and see those instamums looking fabulous, fresh and running their business with their mini on their lap, you think, yep that will definitely be me when I have kids! – Well partly true.

He is on my lap only because he was doing crunches in his bassinet to get out. But I do not look fabulous nor fresh! But I am here & I am grateful for that.

BRB the dog who is currently experiencing a pseudopregnancy (don’t ask!), is pulling the bubs clothes off the clothes horse, insert crying face.

What every new mum in business should know.

With anything, the best advice I can ever give to anyone is to be as organised as you possibly can be. I know it’s easier said than done, but trust me, the future you will thank you for it!

Oh & buy a diary.

There is honestly something that is so rewarding about writing down your ‘to-do list’ and once you have completed that task, tick it that bugger off!. It’s honestly the best feeling.

One thing I never did before now was practice gratitude. Honestly, guys, it’s mind-changing. I write in my diary every Sunday evening for the week ahead.

My diary entries are simple! I do not write what I ‘plan’ to do each hour of that day, my gosh no, how is that realistic- remember to keep it simple!

But I do have some form of structure that works for me, I even know right down to what we are eating that night for dinner. 

Hellooooo to my new found love; grocery lists & click and collect, yes this task is also scheduled on a particular day in my diary to complete.

I also always aim to complete a ‘for me’ activity each day. And for me that is moving my body, remember everyone is different.

What every new mum in business should know

For me, there is honestly just something about those post-workout endorphins that make my day 110% better, EVEN if I had close to zero sleep the night before.

On that day, I also include one business task to complete, this task may be big, for example talking to my supplier, packing orders or designing new activewear. Or small such as engaging with my Closed Facebook Group or replying back to emails.

I always keep in mind to be realistic and flexible with what I hope to achieve on that day – Smaller tasks always result in the desired outcome!

Do not get me wrong, sometimes meetings and appointments are scheduled, but I promise you, that is probably my ‘main’ task for the day.

Whilst other days, my ‘main’ task could be just hanging out with my little man, husband, family & friends (when COVID isn’t around of course).

Sunday’s are now filled with food prep for both myself and my mini. My food prep is something nutritious and simple to eat throughout the week, especially when the 330pm snack attack hits! I aim to make something fresh for lunch each day, & when this does not happen, I have my pre-made snack instead. Like I said before, you need to be organised; something I am still learning!

Some days I can achieve absolutely everything I had planned to achieve & other days, it is close to impossible to even get off the couch because my little man needs me. AND THAT IS OKAY!

I rely on my past self, the Sara who sat down Sunday evening & completed her diary, who tidied up the house before going to bed, to keep the future Sara accountable and on task.

You may be reading this and thinking, wow this chick has her sh*t sorted, um no, big NO. I am only 5 and a bit months in on this business mum journey.

The path to where I am today was challenging & I’m sure many more hurdles will pop up along the way!

But I have learnt to not put pressure on myself, to try to recognise burnout before it occurs, to let things go if they are not working in my favour or I can not control- control is a huge thing for me! 

But guys, I can not take all the credit for this, I have been working with Angela from Firefly Academy and she honestly has helped me in areas where I never knew I needed help.

Yes, I know that being an adult is a learning curve. & being an adult with a child and a business is not something that is as easy as it seems on socials.

But my advice to you is, know your “why” (this will save you in moments of doubt), keep showing up & if it is not today, then tomorrow. It’s honestly true, tomorrow is a new day!

It’s your turn now to step into your power and embrace the secret *wink wink* – the Gym Secrets.

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21st September 2020

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