Why we incorporated organisational tools into our business

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Hi GS Girls! Kayla here

Welcome back

I don’t know about you guys, but personally so much has been happening over the last few months. Can you believe we are at the end of April already?

As you may already know, during the month of March Sara released 7 tools that have helped her ‘stay on top of it all’ - mum life, running a small business, starting a new role in her Nursing career, and of course making time for herself

Sara’s 7 GO-TO tools are both achievable and realistic. You will be wishing you had incorporated them sooner.

I personally love these tools so much, that I wanted to talk about them in this month’s blog & share with you some tips & tricks that will help you incorporate them into your daily practice.

Why we incorporated organisational tools into our business

 The Weekly Planner

The weekly planner is great for those who love organizing themselves on a weekly basis. It contains a 7 day menu, shopping list for those random items you need to purchase on ‘grocery day’ but always forget to buy (yep! we have all been there), a 3 day workout schedule and a section where you can allocate 1-2hours of the day, yes every day of the week to just YOU! this planner is the perfect way to keep on track throughout the week & something Sara uses weekly. 

Hot Tip – Because I’m terrible at using my diary (I buy them and never use them, please tell me I’m not the only one) I recommend getting it printed out on an A2 or A3 size piece of paper & laminate it (you can do this at your local Officeworks) and stick it on your fridge.

So then every Sunday evening you can write on your laminated Weekly Planner with a whiteboard marker for the week ahead, you can then re-use the exact same table for the following week (rubbing off the previous week each Sunday evening) Genius!

The Yearly Planner

This one is Sara’s personal favourite, simply because it has all the key elements that make for a productive, organised and rewarding year- but at little incriminates at a time. Think daily/weekly goals that allow you to recap on the year in the most positive way possible. There’s even a section to plan your 2022 Family Goals - family holidays, renovations, kid’s birthday parties. Sara personally likes the ‘Tick the completed week’ section as she finds it motivating and rewarding to complete her 3 workouts a week- it’s perfect for those who need visual motivation to continue moving their body all year round.

The Tick Sheet Challenges

              -Organisational, Physical and Mental

Who remembers the Tick- Sheet Challenge we did during Octobers Mental Health Awareness month? It was such a great turnout & the feedback we received was so motivating! Sara's reasoning for creating the Tick-Sheet Challenge is to help encourage, motivate and allow individuals like yourself to incorporate daily tasks into your week (the period of the Tick-Sheet Challenge) that you can later incorporate into your daily routine without any thought. 

We have focused on 3 key elements of health and each Tick-Sheet can be done individually or in combination with one another. The tick-boxes are a rewarding element of the challenge as you can personally see yourself achieve a goal each day of the week, honestly though, who doesn't enjoy ticking things off? We recommend doing each challenge for 1-2 weeks or once you see consistency within your day with ease. 

Hot Tip- This Tick-Sheet Challenge tools are your personal check-list, so the 'challenge' is with yourself, & no-one else. I find sticking the Tick-Sheet Challenge to my bathroom mirror a great reminder to incorporate the tasks into my daily routine. All 3 Tick-Sheets can be re-used multiple times & are a great source to get yourself 'back on track'. 

At home workouts

Sara states 'since becoming a mum I have found it challenging to get to the gym especially if my gym does not have a creche. So as a result I have started doing workouts from home, which are just as challenging & does not involve me having to leave the house/find a baby sitter'. Sara has shared two workouts that she does at home on a regular basis to get the heart rate raised & her sweat on, feel free to check them out below.

Hot Tip- schedule your workout on your Weekly or Yearly Planner during the allocated time for you whilst the kids sleep- the 5-7am box. Sara is now waking at 450am (because who doesn't snooze?) to workout before work and whilst the kids sleep. Sara believes its the best decision she has ever made for herself. 'Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others' even if that means getting up at 5am

Workout at home & Workout with your toddler

So, there you guys go! The seven tools that WILL help you become more organised, goal orientated, and look after your own wellbeing. So perfect, honestly. 

We understand life can get pretty hectic at times – well most of the time.

Sara really wanted to share what has helped her get through her busy day, and how she stays motivated. It's planning her days ahead and prioritizing activities throughout the day, that have helped her healthier and organised lifestyle. 

Jump onto our website and check them out, and please let us know how you go with them! We would love to hear your feedback, and how these tools have helped you.  

Lots of love, 

Kayla xx